SC Congress Law in cyberspace panel
SC Congress Law in cyberspace panel

SC Congress 2018: Register by 1.0 pm Wednesday 14th to get your FREE day pass on Thursday 15 February,  at the ILEC Conference Centre, 47 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UD.


The SC Congress 2018 is focused on how you can achieve Cyber Resilience - from surviving the onslaught of cyber-crime to new attacks on our critical infrastructure, as well as how we staff our organisations, making our teams more diverse to bridge the skills gap as well as ensuring we meet the challenges of new regulation - particularly GDPR.  There will also be a strong emphasis on public/private partnerships, working together to defeat - or at the very least, survive and recover from - the worst the bad guys can throw at us.

Opening proceedings is Neil Sinclair, COO at the London Digital Security Centre set up by the Met Police to help organisations stay safe online.

In addition we'll have panel discussions featuring speakers from practicing CISOs to regulators, industry bodies, as well as specialist lawyers and academics, including the ICO, IOTSA, PCI DSS, Crest, Airbus, IISP, ISC(2), Cyber Security Challenge, and NoMoreRansom and the private sector (full list of speakers here)  There are also practical hacking demos, a simulated trial showing what it might be like in the dock for a data breach under GDPR, plus masterclasses on data breach recovery under GDP and what to do when you find you've been hit by Ransomware.

And of course there are our sponsors demonstrating the latest state of the art defences, detailing their own approaches to cyber-defence, and with a prize draw for those collecting stamps from visiting all our sponsors.