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More than £4 million stolen from Russian central bank via SWIFT system

Hackers stole £4.3 million from the Russian central bank last year via the SWIFT messaging system, according to report from the bank.

Researchers expose Russian cyber bank robbers who stole over $10M

A Russian cyber-criminal group has stolen at least US$ 10 million (£8.5 million) from financial institutions and other organisations in the US, U.K., and Russia, by targeting card processing systems and interbank transfer systems.

North Korean hackers suspected of targeting Nepali bank SWIFT codes

Cyber-criminals used stolen SWIFT codes to transfer money from multiple Nepali banks on 19 October 2017.

Banking Trojan seeks system privileges and can circumvent Android security

Comodo Threat Research Labs has recently detected the "Gugi/Fanta/Lime" family of financial malware within the Russian economic sector.

ATM machines under attack, spitting out cash on demand

Cyber-security firm Group IB has released a report on a group currently ransacking ATMs throughout Europe using malware which causes ATMs to spit out cash.