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Mirai variant that struck financial institutions in January detailed

Another variant of the Mirai botnet was used to attack at least three financial institutions earlier this year using a variety of compromised consumer and enterprise-level IoT products.

UK businesses financially unprepared for cyber-attacks

In spite of the prevalence of cyber-threats facing every business sector, a survey has found that two thirds of businesses do not have a financial plan in place in the event of a cyber attack.

Google policy change abolishes ads for cryptocurrencies

Google this week updated its financial services policy, effective June 2018, to prohibit the advertising of cryptocurrencies and related content.

Turkish financial institutions spearphished: North Korea possible attacker

The reputed state-sponsored North Korean hacking group Hidden Cobra has once again been caught in a malware attack against financial organisations.

Gozi ISFB malware spreading more havoc in 2018

Banking trojan Gozi ISFB, the widely distributed Dark Cloud botnet well known to financial institutions, surfaced a few years ago but increasingly is being deployed in 2018, reports security research firm Talos reports.

FS-ISAC hit with phishing attacks

A Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) employee fell victim to a phishing attack that compromised login credentials enabling additional phishing attacks.

Mulvaney ditches CFPB's Equifax probe

Mick Mulvaney, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has backburnered a comprehensive investigation into Equifax's data protection practices after hackers stole the personal data of 145.5 million American consumers.

Bomgar acquires Lieberman Software

Bomgar has acquired Lieberman Software to help boost the company's secure access software portfolio and giving it access to Lieberman's privileged identity and credential management technology.

Irish Zoo scammed, approximately €500,000 stolen

Most humans have a soft spot for animals. Cyber-criminals are another breed obviously, as evidenced by the Dublin Zoo's computer system getting breached so the payments due were electronically redirected to a criminal's account.

FCA advises firm to record comms under Mifid II, GDPR troubles ahead?

When you've got one law that require more data collection, and another which requires less, there's debate in whether the two might collide.

Attackers attempting to fabricate relationship between Russian bank and Trump

Alfa Bank has engaged the US based cyber-forensics firm Stroz Friedberg to investigate these new attacks.

Symantec finds fake AV being distributed using HSBC phishing emails

Fake HSBC emails are being spread, asking users to install a malicious version of Rapport, a legitimate security program designed to protect online bank accounts from fraud.

Payment giant Verifone investigating data breach of its systems

Breach at Verifone, the point-of-sale payment giant, once again raises concerns about credit card transactions as it insists attackers didn't get any further than its corporate network.

Fake bank transfer emails found to be stealing bitcoins and passwords

The emails were discovered by security firm Cyren who says the malware especially focuses on FTP and web browsing software and other software that could have credential information.

Three men convicted of ATM hacking in Taiwan, another 19 at large

Three Eastern European men have been jailed in Taiwan over theft from cash machines in the country.

Mobile banking trojan now has encryption and is targeting over 2000 apps

Kaspersky Lab claims that a mobile phone Trojan has gone truly international - with it being translated into 77 languages - and works by demanding admin control of the phone.

Russian police to target credit-card credential thieves

Russia is planning to find ways to fight cyber-criminals specialising in the theft of bank-card personal data.

Financial system breached at UC Berkeley campus, exposing 80K records

San Francisco's UC Berkeley has been hit with a breach and the 80,000 records have been exposed

Acecard banking Trojan labeled 'extremely dangerous' by Kaspersky

The Acecard Android banking Trojan leaves nothing to chance when it comes to attacking banks with the malware being able to attack 50 separate online financial applications and bypass Google Play Store security.


Banking giant HSBC's online banking portal has been taken by a large DDoS attack, just a couple of days before taxes are due in.

Armada Collective demands ransom from Greek banks

The hacking group dubbing itself the Armada Collective has claimed responsibility for striking three Greek banks with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and has threatened to continue to do so unless paid a ransom.

Dridex rebound continues – US, UK hardest hit

Just one month after US and UK law enforcement helped take down Dridex, Trend Micro is reporting the botnet is bouncing back.

Tinba 2.0 banking trojan now hitting Russian banks

The Tinba 2.0 banking Trojan has been spotted targeting Russian financial institutions, possibly in response to the on-going armed-conflict between that country and the Ukraine.

Brolux trojan targets Japanese banking users, distributed through adult site

Japanese online banking users are the target of a newly detected banking trojan, dubbed Win32/Brolux.A, which is so far spread through two vulnerabilities still distributed by an adult website.