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GDPR comes into effect today: fines will be levied

Most companies globally don't think they risk being fined, even though most are not ready for GDPR - but if they have a change of heart there are actions they can still take.

Cyber-security fines - too much stick and not enough carrot?

Too often vendors focus on the looming, overbearing, external threat, and do not talk to the user within the organisation - be it CEO or intern - to help, explain and incentivise good behaviour within.

US Senator says Facebook should clean up bots or face fines

Concerning the US FBI's investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 US election, Senator Amy Klobuchar said social media companies should be fined if they can't get rid of bots on their platforms.

UK companies warned to boost cyber-security or face fines

Energy, transport, water and health firms could face penalties of up to £17 million if they do not have effective cyber-security measures and suffer service outages as a result, the UK government announced.

ICO levies £400,000 fine on Carphone Warehouse following 2015 data breach

Following a cyber-attack in 2015 that caused a data breach from one of Carphone Warehouse's computers, the company has just been given a £400,000 fine, one of the highest fines for a data-breach in the UK to date.

Most UK Uber users and drivers caught up in data breach

More than half of all Uber riders and drivers in the UK were impacted by the ride-sharing company's data breach that was revealed last week.

Penalties for Uber's delayed breach notification would be huge under GDPR

If GDPR had been in effect during the latest Uber hack, the ride-sharing company would have faced stiffed consequences - or more promptly revealed the attack that compromised data of 57 million customers and drivers.

How the next cyber breach could cost you 4% of revenues: Defensive options

Itay Glick runs through some of the protections and their effectiveness against becoming not just the victim of a data breach, but also an early casualty of swinging GDPR fines.

Coming, ready or not: The cost of GDPR non-compliance

Implementation of GDPR could potentially spell the end of almost one in five European businesses says Petter Nordwall, particularly if regulators come out swinging and impose maximum fines for data breaches.

Report predicts banks to get €4.7bn fines in first 3 years under GDPR

Report urges banks to focus on breach response readiness to mitigate GDPR risk as predicted number and levels of fines are exceedingly highs.

Adobe to pay $1M for breach

Adobe will be paying $12 million to 15 states to settle a breach claim.

ICO fines TalkTalk £400K for theft of customer data last year

Due to its poor data security, which led to the theft of the personal data of over 150,000 customers last year, TalkTalk has been fined £400,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

London NHS trust fined £180K by Information Commissioner for HIV data leak

The ICO has levied a £180,000 fine against a London HIV clinic for accidentally divulging the names and email addresses of 780 patients.

Pregnancy advice clinic fined for 'unforgiveable' data breach

Hacktivist thwarted in plan to reveal names of clients at BPAS following data breach.

ICO fines Northern Ireland Govt Agency £185,000

The Department of Justice of Northern Ireland has been hit with a £185,000 fine from the ICO after leaking the physical personal information relating to victims of a terrorist incident.