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Researcher warns of cyber-threat to mergers and acquisitions

A FireEye researcher has warned of cyber-criminals trying to exploit million dollar mergers and acquisition deals

Locky ransomware spread in global campaign against health sector

FireEye researchers have spotted a Locky ransomware campaign targeting the healthcare sector around the world

ICYMI: IoT alarms, Russia v Clinton v2, FireEye layoffs, cyber-crime Olympics

In case you missed it (ICYMI) this week, concerns over IOT burglar alarm, more attacks to come on Clinton campaign, FireEye redundancies and the Olympics of cyber-crime.

FireEye layoffs as cyber-criminals gorge on low-hanging ransomware

Paradoxically, 'good' news for businesses and ransomware cyber-criminals alike appears to be bad news for security platform provider FireEye.

China's economic cyber-espionage drops dramatically, sharpens focus

FireEye's new report assesses the fluctuations in Chinese cyber-activity since Barack Obama and Xi Jinping's momentous talks on intellectual property theft last year.

FireEye researchers warn of 'Apple-like phishing domains' aimed at UK users

FireEye researchers observed phony Apple domains registered during the first quarter of 2016 used to execute phishing attacks against Apple iCloud users located in China and the UK.

Ransomware continues to plague world's computers, says FireEye

Surprising no one, ransomware continues its relentless march into the systems of individuals and businesses despite our familiarity with the attack method and the best efforts of anti-malware products.

FireEye report identifies iOS security storm-in-a-tea-cup

FireEye researchers have released a report which details potential security issues with software used to dynamically patch iOS apps.

Did 'China' do it? SC speaks to Laura Galante, FireEye's director of threat intelligence

SC sat down with FireEye's director of threat intelligence to talk about the recent cyber-talks between China and the US and what exactly we mean when say 'China did it'

Hackers use Dropbox to target Hong Kong media

Hong Kong activists have been targetted via Dropbox according to FireEye, with the Chinese government the top suspects.

Update: Government officials being targeted with the retailer's techniques

A new threat intelligence report from FireEye has identified a group using techniques and tools commonly employed by retailers to target high-level government and military officials.

WITCHCOVEN causes havoc to gather government data

An attack campaign described as having plenty of potential has collected extensive information from the internet and compromised selected websites.

Cyber-intelligence service launched to spot attacks on payment systems

Custom-made for the payments industry, Visa and FireEye have launched Visa Threat Intelligence.

Don't spend more, spend better: Interview with FireEye's Richard Turner:

FireEye's EMEA president, Richard Turner discusses its new Advanced Threat Report

Update: Cisco issues free scanner for SYNful Knock

After the revelation that 200 Cisco routers have been compromised with the SYNful Knock implant, Cisco has released a free scanner for customers.

Chinese mobile app promotion company launches global Android adware campaign

A China-based mobile app promotion company reportedly created an adware attack that takes total control over victims' Android devices, FireEye found.

New malware discovered internationally on 14 Cisco routers

SYNful Knock, a new kind of malware has been found on Cisco routers around the globe. Cyber-security experts say this represents a threat previously thought only theoretical.

War of words as researchers reveal Kaspersky and FireEye zero-days

Researchers reveal zero-day vulnerabilities in FireEye and Kaspersky's security software during the US Labor Day holiday weekend.

APT17 exploit on Microsoft TechNet nothing novel, say experts

FireEye has revealed that a China-based hacking group has been using Microsoft TechNet as a relay for C&C addresses for BlackCoffee malware, but experts tell us it's nothing novel.

APT gang caught exploiting Flash and Windows zero-days

Cyber-security firm FireEye details zero-day exploits perpetrated by 'nation-state' sponsored threat actors.

Apple and Google freak out as SSL flaw hits thousands of apps

Android and iOS apps are still vulnerable to attacks exploiting the Freak SSL flaw, despite Apple and Google having issued patches.

ICYMI: Gov spies grab crypto keys, Masque attacks & interviewing Eugene

The latest In Case You Missed It column looks at the biggest stories on SC this week, including the alleged NSA/GCHQ hack on Gemalto and our interview with Eugene Kaspersky.

FireEye roasts Apple crumble over revived iOS Masque attack

Researchers at network threat prevention company FireEye have uncovered a revived iOS Masque Attack, a vulnerability that originally surfaced in November 2014.

Infosec teams unprepared for new EU data protection laws

More than a third of IT security teams are unprepared for the EU's two incoming data protection laws, according to a new study from FireEye.

Are anti-malware solutions good enough?

A new study reveals that anti-malware solutions are not as good as first thought, with most unable to detect new 'in the wild' malware. But some of the vendors in question have hit back.

Cash-happy hackers phish for Wall Street secrets

A financially-motivated threat actor from the West has reportedly been launching continuous cyber-attacks against healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in order to game the stock market.