FireMon has announced the new version of its security manager to offer a complete security policy and posture management solution.

According to the company, FireMon Security Manager 6.0 offers policy and configuration management, enforcement and auditing of network devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and load balancers, while monitoring for and alerting on configuration changes.

It can also analyse the accessibility of any vulnerabilities from threat sources, measuring the impact, depth and risk of a potential attack. The integration allows Security Manager to evaluate, visualise and simulate attack paths throughout the network to assist security teams to quantify risk and prioritise remediation.

Jody Brazil, president and CTO of FireMon, said it is able to make real-time analysis as things change.

He said: “You can see an interface and an individual firewall, but you cannot set a policy and build it out. If you understand the behaviour of the firewall and know how you get changes, then the user can enforce a lockdown and see how traffic can flow with access control.

“With technology we acquired from MIT, you can understand the asset technology to protect and how to implement individual assets. You can focus on what is truly exposed and patch the one true issue. You can focus on where you need to spend time and who changed what and where, find and configure rules and now visualise it.”