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Atomic fragments running amok: time to take IPv6 security seriously?

The danger of atomic fragments in the 20-year-old IPv6 protocol have been known for a long time, so why are sys admins still failing to harden their networks against this vulnerability?

Juniper confirms leaked "NSA exploits" affect its firewalls

Juniper confirms exploits leaked by the Shadow Brokers group appear to affect its firewalls, but has not yet patched the vulnerabilities.

Juniper Networks backdoor password 'hackable' within six hours

Juniper Networks own ScreenOS software harboured unauthorised code, questions of possible use by NSA.

RSA: Securing Smart Cities - no turning back

Industry giant, Dr Taher Elgamal spoke at RSA's conference on his idle thoughts of the future of smart cities

Firewalls 20 years on: Gil Shwed interview

Mobiles and the cloud may have subverted the idea of perimeter protection, but some 20 years after launching FireWall-1, Check Point founder Gil Shwed tells SC that there's still a security role for the Firewall.

Cyber-security: changing the economics!

The economics of cyber-crime make your network an attractive target. Change the economic incentive and you'll reduce the threat says Guarav Banga.

Critics slam ISACA's APT report

"Fighting off an APT attack using firewalls and anti-virus is akin to shooting at a nuclear warhead with a bow and arrow."

Forrester report says firms spend 21% of security budget on networks

Corporates need to invest in the human firewall - Forrester analyst

Coping with chaos

It may be a time of great change for the infosec industry, but advice on achieving the budgets needed to keep up with new threats remains remarkably consistent, reports Thomas Brewster.

New threats or old? It's both

It's a New Year with a new editor and new team members on SC. Thanks for the warm welcome from everyone we've met and we'll be talking to more of you throughout the year.

Understanding the role of hacktivism

Check Point VP says individual hacking actions are not always criminal

BT 'offering backdoor access to NSA and GCHQ'

BT Group has been accused of shipping hardware with backdoors for secret government surveillance.

New firewall and policy manager added to F5 Networks range

F5 Networks has announced enhancements to its application and firewall range to offer throughout up to 640Gbps, it said.

Deperimeterisation - nine years on

January 2014 will mark ten years since the Jericho Forum announced its concept of 'deperimeterisation', with regards to network IT.

Fortinet launches feature-rich security appliance for enterprises and MSSPs

Fortinet has launched a new network security appliance for enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Check Point dismisses firewall vulnerability research

Check Point has dismissed claims of flaws in its firewalls.

Virtualised next-generation firewalls and new OS offered by Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks has announced the launch of a virtualised next-generation firewall platform and a new operating system.