DeviceLock and IronKey are to jointly market a secure solution for portable devices.


The two firms are to offer a solution that allows USB device control policies that can be used in corporate USB ports. Together they help to prevent employees from using their corporate and personal computing resources to siphon off valued information beyond the scope of their jobs and outside the guidelines of IT security policies.


Ashot Oganesyan, chief technology officer at DeviceLock, said: “DeviceLock and IronKey foresee continued growth in the use of removable storage devices by employees due to the small and convenient form factor. Our mutual mission is to help IT security staff cope with the resultant threat to data privacy and security in an efficient, comprehensive and deeply granular manner.”


Steve Ryan, vice president of business development at IronKey, said: “Organizations today are looking for easy-to-use solutions that enable both the flexibility of using mobile data storage devices, as well as the assurance that sensitive data is encrypted and fully protected when transferred via USB ports.”