Five steps to cyber-security readiness

News by Nicholas Grefsheim

There are five key steps to cyber-security readiness according to a new report by BAE Systems.

The first step in enhancing your cyber-security is understanding where your risks lay and what should be protected. This should be reviewed constantly to ensure you always remain up to date and do not get caught out by new risks.

Once you have evaluated the risks you then have to make sure the right security measures are in place. This could be anything from a simple code change or be a big project. Remember with the constant change in this sector a solution yesterday may not work tomorrow.

Understanding your businesses critical assets and the areas of vulnerability is crucial. As a business you will need to decide what risks you are willing to take and make these decisions to benefit your company and the customers.

It is not a one time event either, in order to have a great security system it must be ingrained into the culture of the company. Everyone needs to be responsible and be accountable for their actions whatever role in the company they have.

Finally no matter how strong your security is there is always a chance of a successful attack. Having a planned and tested response to a successful attack is essential if you want to avoid making a bad situation worse. Everyone needs to know the planned response so that no major operational and productivity losses occur. This will also help to maintain your public reputation and consumer confidence.

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