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Top security flaws move to Microsoft from Adobe

Hackers more likely to use cryptocurrency mining malware than an exploit kit, report says. Malware campaigns have shifted focus onto Microsoft and cryptocurrency mining rather than using flaws in Adobe Flash and exploit kits.

Adobe Patch Tuesday: 62 vulnerabilities for Acrobat, 5 critical for Flash

Adobe's November Patch Tuesday included 83 patches, including fixes for five critical-rated issues in Flash Player. Reader and Acrobat, by themselves, generated more than five dozen CVEs.

Recently patched Flash Player sandbox leaks Windows credentials

A flaw in Adobe Flash could have allowed hackers to discover Windows user credentials. Hackers can find out user details with this one simple trick.

Pornhub, RedTube ditch Flash to hook up with HTML5

Adult content site Pornhub announced Tuesday that it will switch from using Flash-based content and instead opt for HTML5.

Ransomware rise, email scams spread, Flash & IOT vulnerabilities up

The top three findings from Trend Micro's TrendLabs six-monthly threat trends are the doubling of ransomware families, geographic spread of business email scams and increasing Flash and IOT vulnerabilities spotted.

APT group exploits zero-day Flash exploits to hack enterprises

The ScarCruft group have left victims all over the world by using a previously unknown zero-day vulnerability in the Adobe Flash Player, according to Kaspersky Lab which has dubbed the attack Operation Daybreak.

Google seeks to phase out Flash on Chrome by year-end

Google plans to begin phasing out support for Adobe's Flash Player by the end of this year, the search company announced on a Chromium forum.

Emergency patch for critical Adobe Flash zero-day

Another critical zero day hits Adobe Flash and helps install ransomware - patch released.

Zerodium puts out $100,000 contract on Flash's heap isolation

The bug bounty broker Zerodium has offered big bucks to whoever can crack Flash's recent heap isolation security update.

Facebook ditches Flash videos to boost security

Facebook has ditched insecure Flash in favour of HTML5 for all its videos but will still use Flash in games, and is working with Adobe to secure technology.

Hundreds of porn sites affected in malvertising campaign

Dozens of attacks targeting hundreds of adult sites have been spotted by researchers at Malwarebytes.

Update: Security expert warns users against Flash Player

Brian Krebs, the mastermind behind Krebs on Security, has expressed doubts about Adobe's Flash, despite recent patches

Hackers spread malware via Yahoo ads

Hackers who previously exploited vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash have now used advertising on Yahoo's largest websites to distribute malware to billions.

Adobe updates Flash Player and AIR, fixes 35 bugs

Adobe's Flash Player and AIR updates fix 35 bugs, the majority of which could lead to code execution.

ICYMI: 'Sophisticated' ransomware, RIP Flash & hacking Tour de France

This week's 'In Case You Missed It' column looks at the five most-read articles on SC this week, from the intricacies of ransomware and the supposed death of Adobe Flash to hacking a professional cycling team.

Time to abandon Flash? Hit by zero-day once again

Security industry calls on organisations to ditch vulnerable browser plug-in as yet another zero-day flaw hits flash

Adobe suffers second zero-day in 24 hours

Adobe has been hit by two zero-day flaws in the space of 24 hours, raising questions over the safety of its Flash Player platform which is being heavily targeted by cyber-criminals.

Adobe releases critical patch for Flash Player

Adobe has released a security update for its Flash Player after reports were made that exploits were available and active.