Forensic News, Articles and Updates

Standarised aggregation of digital forensic data agreed across Europe

The CASE unified format for aggregating digital data from different forensic tools has been agreed at an event hosted by Europol's EC3 this week.

How to find a 'Super Hacker'

Anomaly-based detection, rather than signatures or threat intelligence, is more likely to detect nation-state and advanced criminal 'Super Hackers' before they can gain a significant foothold on networks says Peter Cohen.

Forensic readiness - the new 'business continuity'

If you don't have good forensic readiness planning and testing in place, you are neglecting a core requirement of good organisational planning, no less than if you failed to have disaster recovery or business continuity planning argues David Rimmer

Sourcefire boosts remediation technology with trajectory and indictators of compromise features

Sourcefire has added file detection and trajectory software to allow visibility of threats for remediation.