ForeScout has launched plug-in modules to enable management of Android and iOS devices, and a plug-in module for mobile device management (MDM) integration.

According to the company, combining ForeScout Mobile with its network access control (NAC) platform CounterACT means users can deploy one console to gain unprecedented visibility and uniform control over managed and unmanaged mobile and PC devices.

Speaking to SC Magazine, ForeScout vice-president of worldwide marketing Scott Gordon said this was the second of three phases in its overall NAC strategy and offers a different take on bring your own device (BYOD) and mobile security.

He said: “This is a three-pronged approach: we allow security operators to see all devices on the network and set up a policy on who the end-user is and what the device is, what time it connected and from where, and whether to allow or limit access.

“You can make the policy to support one device and, if not, make them a guest. We are not looking at the security configuration of the device, this is a native agentless approach for granular access control for personal devices.

“You can say you want the identity of the user, what applications are or are not running and have security controls depending on the platform running in real time.”

The company said ForeScout Mobile also allows CounterACT to remotely wipe and lock; enforce password policy; require apps such as anti-virus, MDM or virtualisation; remove or disable native apps such as the camera; and enforce specific WiFi access, all without requiring an agent on the Apple iPad or iPhone.

Gordon said: “Vendors have NAC or MDM but there is nothing that is converged, and end-users need to buy a new infrastructure to get that. People want flexibility and agility and do not want to use consoles. But with NAC there is a good platform and it helps you to consolidate personal devices."

Gord Boyce, CEO of ForeScout, said: “The ForeScout Mobile/CounterACT combination offers a smart, flexible and cost-effective means for organisations to implement and extend mobile security across different phases of BYOD adoption and maturity.”

CounterACT is available as a physical or virtual appliance.