Recent slur stories surrounding the government may have come from a hacked email address.


Former Labour Party strategist Derek Draper has had his email hacked, after a source claimed that recent stories could only have been revealed from his Yahoo account being hacked into.


A report in PR Week claimed that Labour sources pointed to a story that recently appeared in Private Eye, and subsequently on the Guido Fawkes blog, about Draper and New Statesman political editor James Macintyre.


The story revealed that Draper had advised cabinet minister Ed Miliband not to hire Macintyre as a special adviser, with a follow-up on the Guido Fawkes blog stating that ‘when Macintyre found out about Draper's treachery, he called Dolly pure f***ing evil'.


Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro, said: “I'm not a political blogger, nor do I really ever want to be, but I do think it is worth making the point that, if you are using an email account, that contains over ten years worth of information strong enough to ‘destabilise' a national government there are a few basic ground rules you should follow.


“While Mr. Draper himself is not a member of the Parliamentary Labour Party, you would certainly hope that the kinds of senior political figures he corresponds with would have received enough training in information security to think twice about sending unencrypted sensitive information to a web-hosted email address.”