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£3,128 for hardware plus one year FortiGuard subscription service

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Strengths: Fully loaded UTM with an easy-to-navigate web GUI

Weaknesses: Minimal reporting and analysis capability without the FortiAnalyzer

Verdict: If you already have Fortinet tools in your enterprise, you can't go wrong adding this one to the mix

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The FortiGate-110C combines firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam, web filtering, IPSec VPN and SSL VPN into a single appliance. It automatically downloads threat updates from the FortiGuard Security subscription services to protect against the latest viruses, network vulnerabilities, worms, spam, phishing and nefarious websites - with no administrator intervention.

Setup for this appliance is a manual process without the help from wizards - which can leave room for error. There are a few initial steps shown in the quick-start guide but it is mostly up to the administrator to work out on their own. The one thing we did see this year is that finally the firewall has an outbound rule by default. This does two things to make configuration easier. First, it serves as an example rule so an administrator can get the feel for how rules are configured. Second, it alleviates confusion of connectivity to the outside world.

The FortiGate comes with a lot of predefined IPS and web content policies, which makes customisation and tweaking fairly simple and straightforward. However, creation of policies from scratch is a bit confusing at first, as policy menus are not very intuitive. The other major performance drawback for the FortiGate is that it has very little onboard reporting and analysing capability. Additional reporting requires the purchase of the FortiAnalyzer.

Documentation includes a paper quick-start guide as well as PDF administrator and install guides. The quick-start guide illustrates how to get the product connected to the network and to set the initial IP settings. From there, the install guide offers a good amount of detail on setting up some of the basic functions of the appliance. Finally, the administrator guide provides in-depth and advance configuration. All these guides have many screenshots and examples.

A wide range of service and support packages is available, including 8/5 enhanced support, 24/7 comprehensive support, standard hardware return and replacement, advanced hardware replacement and premium RMA packages. A knowledgebase and customer portal are available on the website.

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