Fortinet has launched a new network security appliance for enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSPs).


According to the company, the FortiGate-3600C, which runs its FortiOS 5 operating system, includes enhanced performance and integrated security functionality such as intrusion prevention, application control and a firewall. It also contains advanced threat detection, which uses behavioral-based detection in conjunction with a cloud-based reputation system that tracks botnets and elements of their threat life cycle, can easily be enabled and configured.


It also said that it can be deployed as an ultra-low latency firewall for enterprise networks, or as a unified threat management (UTM) device for MSSPs or distributed enterprise networks.


Darren Turnbull, vice president of the Fortinet CTO office, told SC Magazine that using its ASIC network, everything is sent via the CPU box to optimise performance. “We need to stop looking at application performance as someone can change it, it doesn't translate into security where A talks to B. The next-generation firewall should be about more security, not less,” he said.


“We don't want to trade of performance for security; these technologies are not cheap to build and with so many features, it is a challenge to configure it.”


Patrick Bedwell, vice president of products for Fortinet, said: “While it delivers outstanding next-generation firewall functionality, this new platform's versatility is equally impressive when deployed as a multi-threat security platform for large distributed enterprises.”