Fortinet has announced the launch of a web security appliance that provides application and XML firewalling.


The new FortiWeb-1000B is a mid- to large-enterprise product and is designed to protect, balance and accelerate web applications, databases and the information exchanged between them.


Fortinet claimed that it provides a consistent, umbrella approach to securing multiple web-based applications with web application and XML firewalls, regardless of the strength of web application's native security code.  It also simplifies the deployment and management of web applications with a central security appliance.


Michael Xie, CTO and co-founder of Fortinet, said: “Following the introduction of our FortiDB database security appliance family last year, we are further extending our protection to the web traffic going to and coming from those databases for a more comprehensive approach toward data protection.


“The expansion of our core FortiGate network security gateways to include data and web application security appliances enables Fortinet to better provide customers a broad solution for protecting networks and applications at the core and perimeter.”