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Huawei router vulnerability exploited, most are unlikely to be patched

An amateur hacker who has titled himself 'Nexus Zeta' has managed to exploit the Huawei home router HG532 by finding all the necessary information on online forums just a few days before carrying out the attack.

Minecraft account dump: 71,000 accounts leaked

Tens of thousands of account details have been dumped from a Minecraft fan site, according to Australian researcher Troy Hunt

Hackers exploit vBulletin flaw to access 27M accounts on 11 websites

Attackers used a flaw in the internet forum software vBulletin to breach 11 websites, exposing personal information of 27 million accounts.

Epic hack, thousands of salted logins stolen

A hacker has stolen around 808,000 accounts from two forums run by Epic Games, the games maker has confirmed the hack and is investigating what happened.