Four new categories for SC Awards Europe 2020 - entries open now

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Stake your claim to be recognised as the best in the industry by winning your category in the SC Awards Europe 2020 - and this year we have four new Awards up for grabs!

Stake your claim to be recognised as the best in the industry, acclaimed by an independent panel of industry experts, by winning your category in the SC Awards Europe 2020 - and this year we have four new Awards up for grabs!

Our new categories are:

Diversity Champion (which can be an individual, company or other organisation)

In theory cyber-security is a results-oriented industry where if you are good enough, no one notices your age, sex, background or other characteristics not relevant to your ability to deliver. But in reality there are obstacles in society, education, companies and organisations that have resulted in cyber-security being dominated by a very narrow demographic, and consequently suffering from skills shortages and the danger of groupthink, especially when it comes to creating AI in its own image. But there are many working tirelessly to redress this imbalance, whether that be promoting women, the most obvious lack, but also other under-represented groups or groups with particular needs including the neurodiverse, racial minorities, those with disabilities, working class, young, old, career changers, ex-military or other under-represented group. This award is to recognise those champions of diversity who are leading by example.

Best IOT/IIOT security solution

One of the biggest concerns for the security sector is the truly exponential growth of the Internet of Things, and the Industrial Internet of Things, increasing the attack surface to include everything from previously isolated industrial processes to everyday consumer appliances. Anything that connects to the internet is potentially hackable, so what solutions are there that organisations and their key employees can deploy to minimise and mitigate the threat posed by myriad connected devices?

Best incident response solution

The faster and more effectively you respond to an incident, the shorter time you give attackers to steal from or do damage on your systems. But care also has to be taken to preserve digital forensic evidence in the event of criminal action. While IR is led by policies, procedures and training, there are tools and organisations that can help, from specialist services in the event of a crime, to complete outsourced teams. We are looking for those services and tools that stand out as a must have.

Best Privileged Access Management

Privileged users can have the keys to the kingdom. So impersonating them and taking control of their access is a key target for attack groups, from criminals to nation states. Hence ramped up versions of identity and access control, network segmentation tools, and approaches to outsourcing and third parties are appropriate here, where they may have been considered too cumbersome for the average user. Yet these, often senior, users are just as resistant to friction as any other, so how do you reduce reliance on trust while still letting people do their job?

There are  29 categories in total for the awards next year. To see the other 25, click here.

Very best of luck if you are up for one of the most hotly contested Awards, but if appropriate,  you may want to consider if you or your offering is/are also relevant to enter some of the categories outside the top ten most popular, such as:

  • Best advanced persistent threat (apt protection)

  • Best authentication technology

  • Best customer service

  • Best deception technology

  • Best emerging technology

  • Best endpoint security

  • Best mobile security solution

  • Best newcomer security company of the year

  • Best security team

  • Best SIEM solution

  • Best vulnerability solution management 

  • Cybersecurity student of the year

  • Best regulatory compliance tools and solutions. 

The SC Awards Europe 2020 are open to all information security vendors, service providers and professionals. Vendors and service providers offering a product and/or service for the commercial, government, educational, non-profit or other industries can enter the product/service- and the company related categories. Entrants must be carrying out work in the UK or elsewhere in Europe. Information security professionals from end-user companies can enter the categories related to individuals (CISOs, CSOs, etc.) and team honours. 

Key dates

Earlybird deadline entry - Thursday 30 January 2020

Extended entry deadline - Thursday 13 February 2020

Shortlist announced - Thursday 26 March 2020

Awards evening - Tuesday 2 June 2020

  • Entry kit with all the categories info LINK

These Awards recognise and reward products and services that stand out from the crowd and exceed customer expectations to help mitigate threats and damage caused by cyber-security attacks.

Entry fees

Professional categories are free of charge

Standard rate = £260 per entry + VAT until 30 January 2020. 

Late rate = £370 per entry + VAT until 13 February 2020. 

Keep a lookout for our ‘top tips’ video offering advice from judges and past winners on how to increase your chances of success in the SC Awards Europe 2020, to be published shortly.

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