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Vulnerability in Electron could pose danger to Skype and Wordpress web apps

A security vulnerability has been discovered in a software framework used web apps that could enable hackers to execute remote code. The problem could affect many web apps that use the framework.

SWIFT framework took effect 1 January

After a bevy of cyber-heists in 2017 - one at Bangladesh Bank that raked in US$ 80 million (£59 million) for the modern day bankrobber, the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework went into effect 1 January, 2018.

NIST 1.1 tackles cybersecurity metrics, supply chain

The second draft of the update to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology's cyber-security framework, NIST 1.1, may prove to be more impactful than the original version released in 2013.

RSA 2016: AG Lynch talks Apple case, info sharing framework with UK

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch told an RSA audience Apple should comply with government requests for help in unlocking iPhones and confirmed rumours that the US and the UK were in negotiations to share information in criminal investigations.