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France mulls manufacturer liability & open-sourcing, IoT industry on edge

The French government has floated a proposal to make manufacturers of internet-connected devices liable for the security of their devices while they are on the market.

FIC 2018: Defending France - 5 year plan to operate on a larger scale

Gérard Collomb Ministre de l'Intérieur de France: France is currently developing its five year strategy to fight cyber-crime on a large scale. The new ambition is to protect France. 800 extra police dedicated to cyber. Increased spend.

FIC 2018: Cooperation key to security Europe-wide

At the 10th Forum International de la Cybersecurite in Lille, France, this week the key themes were cooperation and resilience - with the former - pan-European, global, cross sector, public and private, to achieve the latter.

CNIL orders WhatsApp to stop gifting data to parent firm Facebook

French Watchdog CNIL has ordered that Whatsapp stop sharing data with its parent company, Facebook, for business advertising and promotion.

A country of unicorns: Can we learn from innovation in French cyber security?

France is working hard to raise awareness of cyber-security and is focused on developing innovative security technologies, and has has already seen numerous successes and innovative cyber- security projects take off.

ISSE 2016: The four models of digital identity

Coralie Mesnard, digital identity innovation manager, identified four distinct models of digital identity, crucial to future governance, at last weeks ISSE 2016

Cross-site scripting vulnerability found on Google's French website

Sacre Bleu!: A type of XSS vulnerability has been discovered in the French version of Google

Former DGSE head confirmed French targeted foreign countries

France's former head of external intelligence service discussed a French cyber campaign that targeted Iran, Canada, Spain, Greece, Norway and other nations.

FIC 2016: Bernard Cazeneuve says 'do away with internal partitions'

Bernard Cazeneuve, France's minister of the interior, has called for greater cooperation between states, businesses and citizens in the fight against online radicalisation and cyber-crime.

Russia, France and Germany to cooperate against international terrorism?

Russia has officially proposed it join forces with France and Germany to design new IT security technologies that could be used in the fight against international terrorists.

French intelligence services in crisis following Paris attacks

Following the attacks on Paris on Friday, the French government is scrambling to upgrade its intelligence capabilities which have suffered from under recruitment.

French Crims hack chips and pins

Criminals have figured out ways to 'hack' chip and pin cards, several years after University of Cambridge Researchers proved it was possible.

French government launches national cyber-security strategy

The French government has announced a new overarching cyber-security strategy which it hopes will create a unified, cooperative approach to protecting government, commerce and individuals.