Fraud detection tool introduced by Attachmate

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Attachmate has announced the launch of the Luminet fraud management solution.

Attachmate has announced the launch of the Luminet fraud management solution.

A solution that reveals user activity within enterprise applications and transforms the data into actionable intelligence, the company said that it allows organisations to protect the privacy of mission-critical data, reduce internal fraud and enable regulatory compliance.

The company said that a key feature of Luminet is that it transforms application monitoring data into actionable intelligence as it allows a view of all user activity in real-time. Administrators can also record and visually playback application screens and analyse suspicious patterns within a full-featured case management system.

It also allows administrators to search, retrieve and replay each screen and keystroke ‘with a Google-like search capability'. Michael Miller, director of business development and strategy for Attachmate, claimed that with insider fraud going undetected within the enterprise for more than a year, this is a solution that can solve the problem.

“Uncompromised evidence is difficult to secure and taking decisive action is nearly impossible. Luminet captures employee activity as well as the data needed to prevent fraud and demonstrate regulatory compliance, by assembling a complete history of user activity across enterprise applications - from the mainframe to the web,” said Miller.


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