Entertainment technology and health goods are the greatest lure for cybercriminals when they make fraudulent transactions.
Carl Clump, CEO of Retail Decisions, claimed that the average transaction value for a normal user is £148, but fraudulent transactions will average at £208. Clump claimed that in terms of the most fraud-prone products, people are generally buying laptops, phones, the Wii Fit, plasma TVs, LCD TVs and the Sony PlayStation. 
Clump claimed that these items are all highly desirable and can be converted into cash quite easily on the internet or on the street. He further claimed that weight-loss tablets, specifically hard capsules, are growing in popularity for fraudulent purchases.
"What this demonstrates is that people are shopping around, the profile we have is that of someone who is healthy and is trying to sell to health-conscious people," said Clump.
Andrew McClelland, director of business development at IMRG, claimed that online growth has seen a decline in retail and this has led to consumers to look for choice, value and convenience.
He said: "There is a rise in the confidence of online security as people are missing out because there is a lack of awareness in protecting their details in the online space. We need to educate but success also attracts those with less than honest intentions and this is quite an attractive area."