Free - Latest 'Cybersecurity for Dummies' book now available
Free - Latest 'Cybersecurity for Dummies' book now available

The book “Cybersecurity for Dummies,” is now available free electronically and in print. It is designed to give employees a practical understanding of cyber-security basics – describes common threats and steps to  take to avoid cyber-criminals stealing identities and accessing sensitive information.

“With cyber-criminals targeting humans as the weakest link in cyber-security defences, helping everyone gain a better understanding of cyber-security should be a primary goal for companies today to empower employees to be a strong cybersecurity defense” said the book's author, Joseph Carson, chief security scientist at Thycotic.  “This 24-page book offers a quick read to help educate employees about how they can protect themselves online at work and at home.  

The book covers four key areas to help employees learn what they can do to protect themselves, including

Why cyber-security is everyone's responsibility   

Recognising top cyber-security threat

Responding in the wake of a cyber-attack

Ten ways to protect yourself at work and home

Thycotic president and CEO James Legg noted says, “This new book is designed to cut through the confusion and help individuals take practical steps to defend themselves and their organisations.”  

Download a copy of Cybersecurity for Dummies or receive a hard copy from here.