Fresh warning to industry on the dangers of exploit kits

News by Roi Perez

A new report from CERT-UK and Context Information Security is warning businesses of the threat of exploit kits as they are becoming a key tool of choice for cybercriminals, with the top seven kits responsible for over one million attacks in the UK since January 2015.

According to the report published today by the UK National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UK) and Context Information Security, many companies still do not understand how exploit kits work and the threats they pose.

The report titled, Demystifying the Exploit Kit, identifies and analyses the most prevalent exploit kits currently attacking UK organisations and provides advice to put in place a defensive plan and mitigation strategy.

For the report, researchers at Context focused on the top seven of the biggest threats. AnglerEK was crowned number one exploit kit, with 769,211 attacks this year, holding 74 percent of the overall ‘market'. Other exploit kits investigated included Nuclear, Fiesta, Rig, Neutrino, Sweet Orange and Magnitude.

Tom Williams, lead investigative consultant at Context Information Security said, “The reason exploit kits continue to remain such a formidable threat is their ability to quickly exploit vulnerabilities that have not been patched.”

He added: “Exploit kits have become a lucrative business for criminals and will remain a serious threat to UK organisations. This report is designed to make sure businesses are aware of the threats so they can mitigate risk and have a proper response procedure in place if they are attacked.”

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