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38 "games and educational apps" kicked out from Google Play Store

Security researchers recently discovered the presence of 38 malicious apps on the Google Play Store that were not only disguised as games and education apps but also redirected victims to install other apps from the Play Store.

Win tomorrow's fight in today's practice

The most effective way for human beings to retain knowledge is to apply it beyond the classroom. For professionals seeking to learn how to protect their systems from a successful breach, practice must be as realistic as possible.

PUBG ransomware supplies its own decrypt key

MalwareHunterTeam has uncovered a simplistic, and almost benign, ransomware that is still under development that requires the victim to play the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in order to restore the encrypted files.

Oculus' failure to renew expired certificate bricks Oculus Rift headsets

Users of Oculus Rift VR headsets were left fuming for almost a day after the firm failed to notice that one of its certificates had expired, thereby cutting off all Rift headsets from the Runtime Service.

Final Fantasy network recovers after losing health points to DDoS attack

The network hosting the role-playing video game Final Fantasy XIV experienced significant disruptions for three hours on 5 February as the result of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

AdultSwine malware helps porn ads and scams invade children's apps

Cyber-criminals have been spiking game apps, including several aimed at children, with malware that displays pornographic ads, pushes fake security apps, and registers users for premium services with permission.

A cyber-security talent game-changer - through adoption of VR & AR tech

Ramon Peypoch explains how VR, AR and other immersive technologies could solve the cyber-security talent shortage by attracting gamers for whom cyber-security is not currently on the radar.

Modified video games on Russian forum tainted with WaterMiner cryptominer

A Russian hacker implanted a stealth cryptominer in his creations, including a mod of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) that was recently found on a Russian-speaking forum, available for download.

ICYMI: Spyware; US data law; NSA tools hack; Games DDoS'd; Skills gap

In Case You Missed It: Spyware in 1,000 apps; US global data grab; NSA tools used to hack hotels; Warcraft DDoS'd; Students narrow skills gap

Hackers sow Discord among gamers

Cyber-criminals use VoIP services to infect gamers with malware

Epic hack, thousands of salted logins stolen

A hacker has stolen around 808,000 accounts from two forums run by Epic Games, the games maker has confirmed the hack and is investigating what happened.