Gaming websites hacked with millions of user passwords breached
Gaming websites hacked with millions of user passwords breached

Two gaming websites have reportedly been hacked with millions of passwords stolen.

Around 1,300 usernames and clear text passwords of Minecraft were reportedly stolen and posted online. Initial username checks suggest that the accounts are valid and may be associated with migrated accounts from developer Mojang after the end of an extensive beta test in November last year.

Also, more than eight million passwords have been stolen from German gaming website Gamigo and published online more than four months after hackers broke into the network. The hashed passwords were dumped on crypto-cracking forum InsidePro, the same site where users last month posted a cache of some 6.5 million LinkedIn user logins.

The one-way hash was discovered to have contained 8.2 million unique email addresses, and according to data breach monitoring service PwnedList, three million of the addresses came from the US, 2.4 million from Germany, and 1.3 million from France.

The encrypted password cache 'all.txt' was later removed from the file-sharing website to which it was uploaded.