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Not-so-super Sonic? Sega apps leak data to suspicious servers

Three Sonic the Hedgehog games for Android devices that collectively have been downloaded well over a hundred million times are leaking users' geolocation and device data to uncertified servers.

AdultSwine malware helps porn ads and scams invade children's apps

Cyber-criminals have been spiking game apps, including several aimed at children, with malware that displays pornographic ads, pushes fake security apps, and registers users for premium services with permission.

Increased dark web interest in hacking the leisure and gaming industries.

Given the volumes of cash swashing around, it's no surprise that leisure and gaming industries have become a target for cyber-crime; new reports suggest there is growing interest on the Dark Web in attacks on the gaming industry.

Web App attacks up 69%, US main source of cyber attacks

Web application attacks have grown 69 percent compared to Q3 2016, up 30 percent on the previous quarter according to the Akamai Q3 State of the Internet Security Report.

Fake WhatsApp update on Google Play promoted malware disguised as game

A fake WhatsApp application that was downloaded one million times from the Google Play Store was observed advertising a malicious game app that infects users with secondary malware.

News Feature: Gambling machine guru Blaine Graboyes bets big on security

Has the one-armed bandit met its match in the sophisticated cyber-thief?

Cyber-cartels launder money via gamer currencies

Trend Micro researchers found that cyber-criminals are using video game currency to launder real world money.

ICYMI: Dropbox, Minecraft fans, malicious SSL attacks, voter databases breached

This Week: Dropbox data dump, Minecraft fansite data dump, one click iOS exploitation, more encryption means more cyber-attacks and two the voter databases of two separate US states get breached by hackers

Minecraft account dump: 71,000 accounts leaked

Tens of thousands of account details have been dumped from a Minecraft fan site, according to Australian researcher Troy Hunt

ICYMI: Coup messages, Pokemon threat, gaming breach, SAP HANA bug, ransomware fight

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Whatsapp leaked; Pokemon a threat?; gaming breach; SAP HANA remote control; Fight against ransomware

2.3 million 'Warframe,' 'Clash of Kings' accounts compromised

More than 2.3 million users records were compromised as two separate gaming companies announced they suffered data breaches.

Report identifies path from online gaming to cyber-criminality

Online gaming can become a gateway into cyber-criminality for vulnerable young people, according to a report from CREST and the NCA which recommends strategies for diverting gamers into more socially useful activities.

Steam blows as games website's security collapse

Christmas hiccup on gaming platform exposed user information to others