Speaking at the Gartner security conference in London, Graham Wright, deputy director of the office of cyber security, claimed that e-crime is 'highest on the agenda' for the council and the government, and called it 'biggest threat to economic growth.

Wright said that there is need to take issues seriously and put them high on the agenda, specifically by working with the serious organised crime agency (SOCA) and the Police e-Crime Unit.

He said that the council, which has had a rocky road to follow due to the election but has grown from a team of four to 15, is considering persistent threats and is due to launch its full report on 20th October.

He said: “It is about a sharing context, what are the issues? What partnerships and how do we exploit them? It is not about cyber warfare, it is not about cyber terrorism but how to protect against it, it is about economic well being.

“How does the government protect its command entities, what does this mean for the private sector? What is our agenda and message and how much can we influence cyber space in ten years time?”

Wright admitted that more capacity is needed to take cyber security seriously, particularly through international arrangement as if something happens what is done about?

Another issue is the utilisation of all government departments, Wright specifically mentioned the department of education which can instruct on teaching about protection and how that can impacy government.

“You need to be protected and need to manage properly, got to have faith with being online and faith with growing and security with being online,” he said.

“Be aware that this is something we are transforming, how developing better secure networking and not just another piece of legislation for government, and something national.”