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Strengths: Full feature set, including the ability to manage boxes around the world from one site

Weaknesses: Very difficult to use and configure

Verdict: A tool with a lot of promise but lacking in maturity

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GateProtect GPX 800 provides standard UTM functionality, including firewall, IPS, web content filtering, gateway anti-virus and anti-spam, and VPN.

However, this product is designed not only to stand by itself, but also to integrate with others at various locations across the globe - and all can be managed centrally using one management interface.

This product was not at all straightforward from the moment we took it out of the box. The appliance itself has eight different NICs and none is labelled, so before we could do anything we had to figure out through trial and error which NICs to use.

After we got the appliance plugged into the network, we ran the administration client setup application and found that the basic setup, even in beginner mode, does not really get much of the initial configuration complete. After we ran the wizard, we were taken into the actual management application and that is not at all intuitive to use.

The management application claims to be an ergonomic GUI but we found nothing ergonomic about it at all.

The initial view of the client shows something that looks like a network layout but it is overwhelming and confusing as to what to do next.

Many of the menus are of little help and we found ourselves going round in circles trying to understand how to configure and assign policies.

This product comes with a PDF user manual that covers the entire product, from installation to setup and configuration. This guide is well organised and has many screenshots and configuration examples.

We found it to be quite helpful, but we have the feeling that to get the most use out of this product we would have to have read the guide in its entirety.

GateProtect has varying levels of support contracts that offer many types of phone, email and web support. There is a web-based customer support portal, as well as an FAQ section, but it is all in German.

At a price just shy of £3,200, we rate this product as slightly below average value for the money. While this product does offer a decent set of features, there is a major learning curve with using the product itself.

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