Gemalto has announced the release of the Protiva Defender Suite, a range of remote access solutions for corporate networks via multi-factor authentication.

Designed for law enforcement officials and available for enterprise, the suite offers a portfolio of authentication software, digital credentials and secure devices such as secure smartcards, one-time passwords (OTP), mobile PKI and related services.

According to the company, with a single identity credential, users can securely gain access to corporate networks and transfer critical information from anywhere and via a tablet or mobile device. In addition, they can perform administrative tasks remotely, file paperwork securely, protect email communication and digitally sign documents reducing physical paper forms with verified electronic versions.

François Lasnier, senior vice president of online authentication at Gemalto, said: “We have been working with our police, justice and security-related customers from around the world to help guide the creation of a simple solution directly designed to defend those who defend us.

“Their work is demanding and they require high levels of security for remote network access without cumbersome logon procedures. With an extensive portfolio of strong authentication products, Gemalto is uniquely positioned to ensure defenders get the access they need quickly and easily.”