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Secure Data 2016: 'Lessons to be learnt from Russian cyberwar'

Sensepost's CSO Charl Van Der Walt, addressed a crowd at the science museum yesterday to explain exactly what Russian warfare doctrine can tell us about protecting the enterprise.

Nearly 100 SK officials hacked, NK suspected

Scores of South Korean officials within critical government departments have been hacked and the security services are pretty sure it's their belligerent neighbours to the north

'Right Sector' hackers attempt to blackmail Polish government

A group claiming to be a far-right Ukrainian nationalist group has attempted to blackmail the Polish ministry of defence.

North Korea prepared for massive cyber-attack on South Korea

South Korean law enforcement officials said North Korea spent two years hacking into more than 100,000 computers as a prelude to a nationwide cyber-attack.

DDoS researchers are among most DDoSed

NexusGuard's Q1 2016 report has found that one of the favorite targets of DDoS attackers are attack researchers

SC Congress Amsterdam: Cyber-warfare - "we are all involved in this"

Although some would argue that cyber-war is still in its infancy, it is - according to our panel of experts at the SC Congress Amsterdam - well under way across the globe.

Turkey was no.1 target for DDoSers in Q4 2015

Turkey has taken the no.1 spot as most DDoSed country in the last quarter of 2015, according to a report from NexusGuard

50 million exposed in Turkish data breach

A massive breach may have exposed the details of the majority of the Turkish population

Russia and US to resume cyber- security cooperation

Russia and the US are to revive a series of bilateral agreements on cyber-defence including the world's first non-aggression treaty on IT

Syrian Electronic Army now on FBI's 10 most wanted

Not for lack of trying three members of the Syrian Electronic Army now grace the world famous FBI 'most wanted list'

India and Pakistan tensions go online

Recorded Future's new report shows the cold war between India and Pakistan has been turning hot in cyber-space.