Georgian websites have been hit by cyber criminals as the war with Russia continues.


Speaking via his website, Russian Business Network researcher Jart Armin claimed that Government and commercial sites have been hit while other sites may have been hijacked.

According to his research, government sites for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, and president Mikhail Saakashvili have been blocked completely, or traffic looking to access those sites are being redirected to servers located in Russia and Turkey. The presidential and defence ministry sites were unavailable from the United States, though the foreign ministry's site remained online but without an update since the 8th August – when the Russians and Georgians first clashed.

Armin said that anything that now appears online may be false and warned users to ‘use caution with any websites that appear of a Georgia official source but are without any recent news as these may be fraudulent.'


Late on Saturday Armin claimed that network administrators in Germany had been able to temporarily reroute some Georgian Internet traffic directly to servers run by Deutsche Telekom but within hours, the traffic had again been diverted to Russian servers.

Researchers at the Shadowserver Foundation confirmed on Sunday that there had been attacks on .ge sites, and that and were currently being hit with HTTP floods.