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After 'isolated' hack, Germany says government computers are secure

The German government said on Wednesday that hackers had breached the network of government computers with an isolated attack that had been brought under control and which was being investigated by security officials.

MailSploit bugs let spoofed emails bypass DMARC, spam detectors

A collection of vulnerabilities dubbed Mailsploit, found by German security researcher Sabri Haddouche in 30 types of email client applications - from Apple Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird - lets hackers bypass anti-spoofing mechanisms.

Ordinypt wiper ransomware targets German businesses

Another wiper malware posing as a ransomware is targeting German businesses under the guise of fake job applicants inquiring about openings.

German elections vulnerable to hacking: 'cyber-warfare' say security pros

Chaos Computer Club warned that software being used to tabulate and transmit vote totals in Germany's upcoming parliamentary elections contains major vulnerabilities; election hacking equals cyber-warfare says security pros

Talking doll susceptible to hack: Destroy it, says German agency

Parents in Germany are being advised to destroy a talking doll called Cayla because its IoT technology could be accessed by outsiders.

We could all have been victims of massive Deutsche Telekom botnet

If attackers had succeeded in taking over 900,000 routers in Germany, we wouldn't be thinking of Deutsche Telekom as the victim but the enabler of a massive botnet.

Russian cyberattacks might effect our upcoming election, says German Chancellor Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed concern that cyberattacks from Russia might interfere with elections next year in Germany.

Facebook can no longer share data of German users on WhatsApp

Facebook has been banned from collecting and storing the data of German users on its messaging app, WhatsApp.

Germany proposes 'black boxes' on cars with autopilot

Self-driving cars in Germany may soon be required to carry a black box to help determine fault.

Critical infrastructure in Europe exposed to hackers

Power stations in Germany, Italy and Israeli smart building could be accessed by criminal hackers

Russians deny responsibility for cyber-attacks on German parliament

Russian officials deny any state involvement in cyber-attacks on Geman parliament.

German Intelligence blames Russia for Parliament hack

Germany's domestic intelligence agency has pointed the official finger at the Russian state for the 2015 attacks on the Bundestag, the German Parliament

BfV agency says Russia is behind German cyber-attacks

According to Germany's domestic intelligence agency, Russia was most likely responsible for the major cyber-attack on the Bundestag last year, forcing computer systems to be on hiatus for days.

Viruses and malware detected in German nuclear power plant computers

The Gundremmingen nuclear power plant located 120 km northwest of Munich has been infected with computer viruses and malware.

Ransomware holds data hostage in two German hospitals

A ransomware campaign has hit two German hospitals, soon after another ransomware campaign hit a Los Angeles medical centre, and the clean up is set to take weeks.

Russia, France and Germany to cooperate against international terrorism?

Russia has officially proposed it join forces with France and Germany to design new IT security technologies that could be used in the fight against international terrorists.

Cyber-espionage malware on German official's computer, authorities investigate

The 'Regin' malware has been found on the laptop of a high ranking German official, signalling foul play, perhaps by a western spy agency. Germany has started to investigate.