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GFI Endpoint Security v3





From £400 (25 computers)

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Strengths: Complete endpoint security kit with several device and port options

Weaknesses: No real emphasis on any specific device such as USB - more of a one-size-fits-all approach

Verdict: Good value for money and a useful tool set that should scale well to large enterprises

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GFI Endpoint Security features the ability to control specific ports on client machines via Active Directory. Policy can be put in place to grant or deny users or groups of users access to USB ports, as well as other ports such as firewire and other removable storage media.

We found this product to be an easy install with its almost fully automated installation wizard. However, the user interface was quite awkward to use as it is so simplistic to be almost confusing.

There are many useful wizards that helped us create policy and add users, but it took some time to become acquainted with how to use the product. We did like the client deployment tool, which made deploying and updating policy quick and easy.

This product does have quite a bit of flexibility with many device- control features. Thanks to Active Directory integration, managing clients and policy is nicely centralised.

GFI Endpoint Security does offer several good features such as more control over other devices beyond USB, including media players, PDAs and many others. We found this to be a useful tool for endpoint security, but it is really more of a jack of all trades than a focused high-end USB security solution.

Documentation for this product is well laid out with a clear and organised structure. We found both the user manual and installation guide to contain a great amount of detail and several clear sets of instruction, labelled screenshots, and charts. All documentation was easy to read and navigate.

A software maintenance agreement is required. The company website includes an extensive support area complete with product documentation, forums, and a knowledge base. Live phone and email support is also available for customers.

A price range from £400 for 25 computers (£16/computer) down to £2,375 for 500 computers (£4.75/computer) plus maintenance puts this product towards the lower end of the pricing spectrum and makes it very reasonable for large enterprises.

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