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GFI EndPointSecurity 4





£472.50 for 25 computers

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Strengths: Extensive list of device controls. Email and SMS alerting. Good price point for the features and performance provided

Weaknesses: Report Pack is an add-on

Verdict: Nice features, great performance, good price point

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The GFI EndPointSecurity solution provides centralised management with a small agent footprint of only 1.2MB. The server portion requires a .Net Framework and database backend. The documentation stated SQL, so we loaded that as our database engine. Later in the review, we found the ability in the management interface to connect to an MSDE, saving the licensing costs associated with going to a full SQL deployment.

Once we had the server set up, we were able to scan for devices on the network. We built an msi package and were able to use Active Directory to distribute it out to the endpoints. The deployment tool allows for hundreds of remote deployments with minimal work. After installation, the administrator is able to control (allow/deny) access to endpoint devices on any of the machines having an ESEC agent deployed.

Once we had agents on our test workstations, we began testing the control over the devices. The list of devices/ports that GFI can manage and control is far too extensive to mention here. It's safe to say that if the endpoint had it, we could control it from the server. Through AD integration, we could have different policies for that one device based upon group profiles. We had numerous options for granular programming of the various port controls. We also had both whitelist and blacklist capabilities for allowing certain devices.

The management dashboard is well organised and easy to use. The dashboard provides numerous statistics on the groups, devices and ports under control. Event logging is done to the database you installed prior to the software load. Email and SMS alerting is available for various event types.

The documentation was good; we did need to reference it for several management server operations we wanted to perform. Maintenance is included in the software price and includes phone and email support. Yearly renewals are required for support after 12 months. Upgraded support options were not found.

This is a really nice solution in the port management category, providing great features and performance at an attractive price point.

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