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GFI LANguard 8


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GFI LANguard 8


£153.52 for 4 IP addresses

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Strengths: Good amount of scanning and reporting capability in an easy-to-use interface

Weaknesses: Can become quite expensive for large-scale environments

Verdict: A solid product, if you can afford it

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The GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner focuses on three areas of network security scanning, starting with vulnerabilities. This scanner uses a very large vulnerability database to scan targets deeply and provide information on how to remediate potential threats. Next, the scanner can help deploy necessary patches across the network.

The final piece of this solution is ongoing auditing and management through scheduled scans for security auditing features that are enabled on machines in the environment.

We found this product to be fairly easy to install and set up. Installation is done by simply running an executable that launches a short installation wizard. This takes just a few minutes and sets up everything needed for the product, including the backend database.

After installation is complete, management is done through a GUI console. We found this console to be quite intuitive and setting up scans took just a few clicks of the mouse.

With the ability to carry out local, network-wide and even custom scans, this product proved to be quite flexible throughout our testing. We found accessing specific scan results to be easy and intuitive as we navigated the well-organised tree structure of the console.

Documentation for the LANguard scanner is provided in the form of a single PDF manual containing all the information for this product, from installation requirements and setup all the way through to using the product and its various features. While lengthy, this guide is well organised and includes many screenshots, diagrams and examples.

GFI provides one year of support with the purchase price of the product, including phone and email technical assistance. There is also a large support area on the website with product documentation and an extensive knowledge base.

At a base price of more than £150 for four IP addresses, this product can become expensive very quickly for larger environments. However, we do find that it does have some good scanning ability and some nice features. We therefore rate this product average value for money.

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