GFI Software has added patch management and mobile device management into the latest version of its business edition of Vipre anti-virus.

Following the launch of the consumer edition in September, the patch management and rapid scan capabilities have been added to version 6 of Vipre, as well as mobile device management capabilities.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Mark Patton, general manager of the security business unit at GFI Software, said that while there was not a lot of difference in terms of the technology that is delivered to the endpoint, the big difference was in the platform in the business edition.

He said: “With this, the value is in how we put the technology on a console for the users and that is what is unique about Vipre. We put the controls into the product and it is all automated with no pop-ups.”

The mobile device management capability allows for remote wipe, lock and recovery, as well as backup options and a filtering client for Android devices. Support is also offered for Windows Mobile and iOS devices.

Patton said: “This is something we have been working on for two years as we built a better infrastructure to manage mobile devices. We started with Vipre mobile security for consumers so we can do remote wipe, locate and GPS on our own proprietary infrastructure and integrate it into our business.”

Also included in version 6 is existing technology to remove existing anti-virus software, scan removable devices and find unprotected machines.