GlassHouse Technologies has announced that it has acquired security services consulting company CSSG.


A global provider of independent IT infrastructure consulting services, GlassHouse's offerings into data security services will be expanded to include assessments, optimisation and policy framework development.


Mark Shirman, president and CEO of GlassHouse Technologies, said: “CSSG brings experience and intellectual property into GlassHouse's new security practice. We are moving into this market in response to high customer demand that we address their data security concerns.”


CSSG will be integrated into GlassHouse's existing organisation, with founder Robbie Higgins leading the security services division. Higgins said: “We often remind customers that spending more money on technology doesn't necessarily mean they are more secure. GlassHouse takes the same approach a focus on the collective whole of people, process and technology to create a complete security solution that supports your business needs.”