Two tapes of separate 999 calls and a USB memory stick were misplaced by Gloucester Police over a one-year period.

Following a Freedom of Information Act request by the Gloucester Echo, between 1st October 2009 and 30th September, 2010, the losses were revealed. However due to the way they were recorded on the force's information security register, no details about how or where the losses occurred were available.

In a statement to the Echo, the police force said that it took the matter seriously and no operations were harmed as a result of the losses. Spokeswoman Alexa Collicott said: "We take our responsibility to protect personal data very seriously and robust safeguards are in place for storing and transferring all information held by the constabulary. No police operations have been compromised by the items lost over this period.

“Police officers and staff are expected to take due care with all police property to ensure that it is handled and maintained in accordance with the law and police policy.”

The FOI request also revealed that in the year to 30th September 2008, two laptops were misplaced, which the police claimed were fully encrypted to ensure nobody could gain access to them.