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Google to add sender authentication to Gmail

In a bid to protect its users from phishing and malware, Google has adopted the DMARC protocol and will warn users if it can't authenticate the source of emails.

272 million email account credentials found on the dark web

Hold Security has bought hundreds of millions of email credentials off the dark web for less than £1

Google denies email injection flaw can bypass filters and pwn users

Israel-based cyber-threat specialists Cyberint insists it has found a serious flaw in Google security despite the tech giant's denials that email injection can bypass security filters.

Google tightens security in Gmail service

Gmail's security is being enhanced to keep its users protected from malware, phishing attacks and other threats.

Google login credentials at risk from smart refrigerator hack

Hackers recently uncovered a man-in-the-middle vulnerability in a Samsung smart refrigerator.

Gmail account gets hacked despite 2FA

A widely circulated blog post from security expert Grant Blakeman about his Google Gmail and Instagram accounts being hacked has provoked a debate about the true strength of two-factor authentication (2FA).

Mobile flaw means 92% of Gmail accounts are hackable

Researchers with the University of California's College of Engineering and the University of Michigan have identified a weakness they believe exists across Android, Windows and iOS operating systems that could allow malicious apps to obtain personal information.

Security issues raised on Gmail's automatic image display

Google has tweaked Gmail so that users can now see images in-line with their emails, but the change could compromise the client's security.