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c£957 for a one-time server access licence and c£101 per device for a one-time client access licence

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Strengths: Easy to use and full of features with an impressive array of capabilities

Weaknesses: A somewhat archaic interface may be a negative to those looking for flashy reporting tools

Verdict: Remains the poster child for what an MDM product should offer

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Mobile device security vendor Good Technology, which Gartner Research placed in the 'leaders quadrant' in its annual MDM Magic Quadrant report this year, enables consumers and enterprise users to say good riddance to the security problems surrounding today's multitude of mobile devices - a problem that only seems to be growing as more and more end-users bring iPhones, Andriod devices, iPads and countless other handhelds into the workplace.

The company takes a multi-pronged approach to handling the security problem introduced by the typical mobile device. It has developed a browser-accessible management platform that integrates several must-have capabilities into a unified solution.

We were able to test the aptly named Good for Enterprise with several mobile devices, including an iPad, a Windows phone and an Android smartphone. The product is based on a browser console that offers a single-pane-of-glass view of its capabilities.

From the outset, we liked the simplicity of the management console, which starts by offering a home screen with tabs to access devices, policies, reports and so on. The easy-to-navigate console offers a view that quickly gives counts on the types of devices, the OS in use and, most importantly, a problem count, which at a glance, gives a good indication of anything that needs immediate attention.

However, if you like fancy graphs, alerts and a more visual approach to relaying information, you may find its mobile control console a bit of a throwback to pre-Web 2.0 times. The product uses a client/server approach - in that the mobile device acts like a client that accesses or creates data, with Good for Enterprise working as the server, controlling policies, access and roles.

That brings up an important point - how Good for Enterprise actually works. The product installs a small piece of client software on the mobile device, which gives management capabilities to the administrator. The client application can be pushed down to the device in a number of ways, dependent on the platform - where an iOS device would use Apple's App Store for installation, a Windows 7.5 mobile device could download the app via an email. It all comes down to the device being used.

We were impressed with its level of control and management options, which can do almost anything with a member mobile device. Those functions include the ability to encrypt data, validate applications, track device use, require extensive authentication and remotely lock/wipe a device.

However, the best part about Good for Enterprise is how easy it makes all of these functions, while still offering auditable controls that can meet compliance and data governance needs. It all comes down to being able to control mobile devices, who uses them and what data can be accessed by them. With that level of control, deployment of a BYOD policy and mobile applications can become a reality.

Good for Enterprise is priced at c£957 for a one-time server access licence and c£101 per device for a one-time client access licence. Basic support costs c£12 per device per year plus c£287 per server per year. Advanced 24/7 support is c£16 per device per year plus c£287 per server per year. We think this is good value.

Peter Stephenson

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