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c£977 server licence, c£103 per device

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Strengths: Full mobile device management; centrally managed; clusterable for high availability/disaster recovery

Weaknesses: Multiple components can make for a complicated infrastructure; administrators will want to spend careful time with the documentation or make use of support

Verdict: An excellent product that is easy to advocate

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Combining full mobile device management (MDM) with end-to-end encryption, Good for Enterprise from Good Technology offers an expansive suite of products, which allow administrators to embrace BYOD policies while remaining confident in their ability to maintain a data security posture.

The product infrastructure was provided pre-installed, so we cannot speak to specifics of that setup process. To provide database services, it requires Windows Server 2003 or 2008, Active Directory, and either Microsoft SQL or Oracle. Virtualisation is explicitly supported, and the company offers specific advice on those types of deployments in the documentation.

On the mobile device side, the application is available on the App Store for iOS and Android devices, or as a download from Good Technology for older devices. Once a user account is added to the administration panel, administrators can generate a PIN, which can be emailed to the end-user. The end-user then inputs their corporate email address and the PIN, and the device is automatically provisioned and policies applied. 

Good for Enterprise is administered entirely via its web interface. Administrators are able to craft MDM policies that allow for full device control, including disabling/enabling the device camera and native device browser, pre-configuring WiFi credentials, mandating device PINs, or black/whitelisting of other applications. Jailbreak/rooting detection is included, allowing devices to be automatically locked or wiped if jailbreaking is detected. Administrators can also force-install applications they view as required. In fact, the built-in compliance manager allows administrators to set a list of applications that must be present on the device for the Good Mobile Messaging application to run.

With the secure browser plug-in, administrators can maintain lists of URLS that must be viewed via the secure browser, and those that should not be permitted to load. Those URLs can be blocked or redirected to the device's native browser if it is enabled. Devices can be remotely locked or wiped. 

Documentation is voluminous. In addition to a quick installation guide, more in-depth manuals for installation, administration and day-to-day use are all available on the company website, along with a device-compatibility matrix, guides on using the product on different mobile device operating systems, and even custom guides on some specific devices. Each document is extremely thorough, with bookmarks, hyperlinks and screenshots where appropriate.

Two tiers of support, basic and advanced, are offered. Basic provides eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week phone and email assistance, while the advanced tier expands that to 24/7. Web-based support, along with an online knowledgebase, FAQs and user support forums, are also available. 

Good for Enterprise offers a perpetual licensing model. Each server license is c£977, and each device licence is c£103. Both basic and advanced support options are available for extra costs based on per server and per device per year levels.

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