Good Technology has launched two new bring your own device (BYOD) services to help organisations and CIOs quickly and easily transition to their own program.

Named the BYOD Policy Construction and Transition Services, the company said that these are geared towards users that want to harness the productivity and cost benefits of BYOD, but are concerned with the business, legal, financial and HR dilemmas of a rollout.

Included in the BYOD Policy Construction approach is a structured framework that offers industry and peer data, as well as best practices, to inform policy decisions, enable decision-making and balance the security interests of the employer with the employees' concerns around privacy, according to the company. It also allows a business to tailor a standalone BYOD policy to the organisation's unique culture, workforce and risk management profile.

Good's Transition Services provide customers with a dedicated consultant who works with them to define their success criteria, forecast the number of BYOD that need to be provisioned and launch demand-generation programs and map out the steps necessary for an efficient rollout. The consultant will also oversee the implementation and track progress of support and perform a final readiness review to ensure the company is prepared to execute the transition plan.

Allen Spence, vice president of worldwide professional services at Good Technology, said: “We talk with a lot of customers who have been thinking about implementing a BYOD program, but don't know where to start, or how to finish and roll out. Others had been planning for a three-year transition, but are now challenged to potentially implement a BYOD program and migrate all mobile employees in just six months.

“Our BYOD services provide our existing and new customers with expertise and the frameworks to roll out successful BYOD programs.”