Google Chrome News, Articles and Updates

Chrome 65 update ready, contains 45 security fixes

The Google Chrome team reported it moved Chrome 65 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux with the latest update containing 45 security fixes, with at least nine rated as "high".

Chrome desktop update remedies 53 bugs, adds Spectre and Meltdown mitigations

Google's latest stable channel update for the Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Linux desktop machines includes fixes for 53 security issues, including three high-severity vulnerabilities.

Google patches 37 security issues in Chrome

Google issued patches for 37 security issues in Chrome, with one being rated critical and six considered high risks, with the release of Chrome 63.0.3239.84.

Google to start encryption shaming

Google will start shaming websites for not encrypting connections between the user and the site itself by telling users exactly when they are visiting HTTP sites

Google encryption flaw could allow video piracy

A Google encryption vulnerability could allow bad actors to hijack video content from protected videos.

Google creates list of untrusted certificate authorities

Google has instituted a blacklist of untrustworthy certificates for use in the company's browser Chrome.

Google mulls catching up Mozilla, Microsoft to drop SHA-1 certs early

Google considering following Mozilla and Microsoft footsteps and dropping support for insecure SHA-1 certificates earlier than expected