Google to encrypt most ads from June

News by Doug Drinkwater

Google has announced that it plans to encrypt most ads placed on the search engine from this summer, in a big to combat growing malvertising attacks.

In a blog post published late on Friday, the search giant said that, as part of its “HTTPS Everywhere” initiative, it plans for the “vast majority” of mobile, video and desktop display ads served to the Google Display Network, AdMob and DoubleClick publishers to be encrypted by June 30.

On the same date, Google also promises that advertisers using any of its buying platforms, such as AdWords and DoubleClick, will be able to serve HTTPS-encrypted display ads to all HTTPS-enabled inventory.

Google moved YouTube ads to HTTPS at the end of 2014.

“Of course we're not alone in this goal. By encrypting ads, the advertising industry can help make the internet a little safer for all users,” said blog post co-authors Neal Mohan (VP product management of display and video ads) and Jerry Dischler (VP of product management at AdWords).

“Recently, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) published a call to action to adopt HTTPS ads, and many industry players are also working to meet HTTPS requirements. We're big supporters of these industry-wide efforts to make HTTPS everywhere a reality.”

“Our HTTPS Everywhere ads initiatives will join some of our other efforts to provide a great ads experience online for our users, like “Why this Ad?”, “Mute This Ad” and TrueView skippable ads. With these security changes to our ads systems, we're one step closer to ensuring users everywhere are safe and secure every time they choose to watch a video, map out a trip in a new city, or open their favourite app.”

This latest announcement forms part of Google's ongoing campaign with web encryption, with the search giant and Android maker most recently ensuring HTTPS encryption by default for Search, Gmail, YouTube and Drive.

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