Google false positive flags Twitpic as malicious
Google false positive flags Twitpic as malicious

Photo-hosting website Twitpic was flagged as malicious by Google Chrome's anti-malware over the Christmas period.

The website, commonly used to share photos on Twitter, had links blocked by Chrome users on Sunday 30th December when its malware checker detected the domain as a threat. This resulted in malware warnings that named Twitpic as ‘a known malware distributor' and saw access via Google blocked.

User reports stated that the site was hosting adult content and Twitpic said via its Twitter account that it had "conducted a full audit of and removed any party that could potentially cause this issue".

The site was also listed as ‘suspicious' by Google's Safe Browsing tool, despite it not hosting any suspicious content for the past 90 days.

After communication with Google, Twitpic announced that Google had removed the block and access should be restored.