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The myths and the maths of GDPR

Not everything you thought you knew about GDPR is correct, and a corporate governance approach to GDPR is better than a cyber-security approach says David Froud.

Strong tech governance in the boardroom is a must

Senior leadership should pursue stronger business outcomes. Theresa Grafenstine says that becomes a much smoother proposition when at least one board member - ideally several - have expertise in governance of technology.

Are you getting a 'Return on Governance'?

David Mount discusses the need for access governance, the kind of return that can be expected on it, and delivering a return on governance

Three reasons CIOs are paying more attention to vendor management

By focusing on key supplier relationships as well as providing transparency deep into the chain of suppliers, a truly strategic VMO can oversee service delivery and value creation across the global business says David England.

£4bn investment for NHS digital transformation

Billions of pounds will be invested in the NHS to accelerate the health service's transition into a paperless system and improve information-security

Local government must be part of national cyber-security 'ecosystem'

A provider of IT infrastructure has called for central government to include local government more in mapping out national cyber-security policies.

Keeping abreast of governance risk and compliance goals

More data is shared online every second today than was available across the entire internet 20 years ago. It is therefore no wonder that thriving in the resulting big data economy requires advanced tools says Lubor Ptacek.

Cops aim to enlist volunteers in fight against cyber-crime

The Home Secretary has announced her plans to grant police forces powers to recruit expert volunteers with policing powers to help fight crime online.

Rocket Kitten APT threat persists after being outted

Trend Micro and ClearSky published an updated report on Rocket Kitten, a state-sponsored group targeting Israeli and European organisations.

ICO scolds British police for poor data handling

A new report from the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) reveals how few police forces are adhering to the full requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Protecting data - the changing role of the CSO

Risks have changed and both physical and digital security need to come under one remit suggests Troy Fulton who says organisations needs to adopt a holistic approach to security.

Why driverless cars demand new rules of the road

There's issues around the big data emitted by driverless cars, security issues related to control of the cars, but it's the 'governance framework' that needs to be put in place first suggests Raimund Genes.

B-Sides SF: Hackers urged to step up and influence legislation

Hackers and InfoSec experts need to stand up and become part of a wider plan to influence and reform government legislation on information security, so says Rapid 7 global security strategist Trey Ford.

Five threats to watch out for in 2014

Leading pen tester reveals his main security concerns for the next 12 months

Tory MEPs slam European invite to 'criminal' Snowden

Data privacy whistleblower Edward Snowden is set to be invited to give evidence to the European Parliament (EP) in January.

RBS/NatWest outage boosts follow-on phishing

RBS/NatWest customers hit by another outage - questions asked about governance and security.