Reigate and Banstead Borough Council has implemented log management, log analysis and event management solutions from LogRhythm to meet the government's Code of Connection (CoCo).

The implementation will also streamline how the council is able to report on network activity for forensic and audit purposes. As CoCo has specific requirements on how log data is stored, managed and accessed, it triggered Reigate and Banstead to review how it processes its log data.

LogRhythm will be used in the council's ICT department by the security manager, their deputy and two IT administrators to monitor the council's firewalls and assist with intrusion detection.

Ian Machen, project manager at
Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, said: “When it came to choosing a log management solution, we consulted a number of local authorities who had recently gone through the selection process. Not only were we drawn towards LogRhythm on the recommendations by our peers, but it was one of the few suppliers which could interface with our Novell-based network.

“Additionally, LogRhythm's ability to produce standard reports for CoCo and PCI seemed an obvious time-saving advantage. Finally, during the initial discussion with LogRhythm, we found that the solution met all of the day to day requirements laid out by our security manager.”

Ross Brewer, vice president and managing director of LogRhythm, said: “As with so many LogRhythm customers who purchase the solution for compliance purposes, the moment implementation commences, the more applications users see for it beyond regulatory requirements.

"CoCo may be the trigger to purchase LogRhythm in the short-term but the added value that it brings can result in huge efficiency savings and improved operations across the board.”