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After 'isolated' hack, Germany says government computers are secure

The German government said on Wednesday that hackers had breached the network of government computers with an isolated attack that had been brought under control and which was being investigated by security officials.

NSA tools used to hack hotels; WikiLeaks in CIA Couch Potato dump

Travellers to Europe and the Middle East need to be aware of an on-going malware campaign that is targeting hotel and hospitality Wi-Fi networks and being used to glean guest and corporate information.

All's fair in love and war?

It's not just Clinton's campaign that's believed to have been hacked by the Russian state, and collusion with cyber-crime is also suspected. Beyond Russia, it is time to establish new norms for government behaviour online.

£4bn investment for NHS digital transformation

Billions of pounds will be invested in the NHS to accelerate the health service's transition into a paperless system and improve information-security

Local government must be part of national cyber-security 'ecosystem'

A provider of IT infrastructure has called for central government to include local government more in mapping out national cyber-security policies.

Hacking Team, famous for supplying malware to spy on journalists, is back in business

According to a report by Motherboard, Hacking Team, the Italian-based technology vendor that sells covert surveillance technology to governments with questionable human rights records, is back in business.

Jihadist cyber-attack on Cabinet was entirely avoidable, say experts

The news that top government ministers may have been hacked by the Cyber-Caliphate has set alarm bells ringing among security experts.

Teen nabbed after cyber-attacks on UK government sites

Charlton Floate, 19, crashed government websites in the UK and one used by the FBI.