Government to monitor social media activity

News by Danielle Correa

The government will start monitoring social media feeds with Facebook, Twitter and blogs. With the project, they will attempt to oversee public opinion by employing several companies that possess the proper data gathering tools to take on this huge task for analysis.

The government has presented a contract to these seven companies to keep tabs on social media: Gorkana Group Ltd, LexisNexis, Meltwater (UK) Ltd, Precise Media Monitoring LTD, Press Data Ltd, PRIME Research Ltd, and Runtime Collective Ltd.

Some of these companies will be responsible for scanning social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, bogs and other platforms. They will be looking for keywords and following conversations that matter to the general public, which is fairly standard 21st century public relations. Changing privacy settings is the best way to not have anyone monitor your opinion.

“We monitor digital, social and traditional media so we understand what people are saying, identify their concerns and shape policies accordingly,” a Cabinet Office spokeswoman told The Independent.

Social media has always been monitored, but the government says that this agreement means it can find the most appropriate way of doing it at the best price to ensure good value for money, keeping the taxpayer in mind.

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